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Welcome to Heather Vahn's Brand New Official Website

Hi boys! This is the one and only place you will find exclusive content featuring ME!! I’m in charge of this website, and will update it with loads of free content for you. I will now be selling saucy sex clips DIRECT TO YOU the fans! This is great for you can buy really unique content, and also most of the money goes straight in my pocket..


Miss Heather X

My Galleries

Her eyes are mesmerizing as she looks into the camera stroking and playing with the cock. Hope you all enjoy this update, its was a pleasure bringing it to you!
Her eyes are mesmerizing as she...
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Heather Vahn lets her lingerie slide off exposing fine tits and ass
Heather Vahn lets her lingerie...
Heather Vahn takes off her thong and spread her pussy
Heather Vahn takes off her...
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Heather is trying to help her best friend with her boyfriend Johnny who is older than her and wants to fuck her, but she's afraid of his big cock riping her in two and wants to take her time. On the other hand her friend Heather is hungry for big dick and
Heather is trying to help her...
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Heather Vahn surprises her friends brother with a hot fuck and deep throat dick sucking.
Heather Vahn surprises her...
Heather Vahn's first ever footjob, natural born footer
Heather Vahn's first ever...
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My Blog

body building

i have this goal to be on the top ten list of everything lately i guess.

i'm so grateful for all of my fans who love me enough to vote for me on these sites and the more traffic my name generates the higher i move up the ranks. it's truly been amazing to wake up and some one shares a link with on my twitter or when i have an email from the head of my fan page saying "oh heather did you know.." --it's pretty god damn flattering. thank you guys so much for...

25th Jun 2011

My Personal Photos

This did make me giggle. Two absolute sweethearts, and clearly nerdhearts as well.. both absolutely love to check in and out of everywhere on Foursquare... Between the two of them I'm sure they are overal mayor of LA!
This did make me giggle. Two...
This must be a very intense 140 characters.
This must be a very intense 140...
See.. yellow + purple = awesome
See.. yellow + purple = awesome
Heather takes crabs seriously
Heather takes crabs seriously
Heather takes crabs seriously - beware crabs!
Heather takes crabs seriously -...
They're ready!!! Time to enjoy :D
They're ready!!! Time to enjoy...
@absolutelyxa @erix702 Xanel what are you doing at forever 21... Just chillin n shit
@absolutelyxa @erix702 Xanel what...
Bitch bondage
Bitch bondage

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